Iran to hold 1st National Orchid Festival

Iran to hold 1st National Orchid Festival

Iran to hold 1st National Orchid Festival


President of the National Festival of Orchid Flowers Shervin Noushin said the first edition of the festival will be held in the northern city of Nowshahr on February 10-12, 2016.
“Proper grounds and facilities are available while some important exhibition infrastructures have been constructed as well,” he added.
He appreciated the efforts of city officials in holding the exposition expressing hope that the ceremony will be held at the highest possible quality.
Nowshahr and Chalus of Mazandaran province mark the main habitats of Orchid flowers due to special weather circumstances which also explains why different species of the flower grow at an excellent quality in the two areas.
“The event remains as culturally valuable and thereafter, Nowshahr will be considered as the Iranian city of Orchids,” he underlined.
The official further asserted that the festival will be attended by major Orchid producers and exporters; “a total of seven Orchid producers in the country will participate in the orchid show while more manufacturers are likely to be added to the list.”

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