Iran, Norway, Switzerland kick off oil talks

Iran, Norway, Switzerland kick off oil talks

Iran, Norway, Switzerland kick off oil talks


Mohammad Keramati, head of the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), said the country has started a fresh round of negotiations with two international companies active in the field of smartifying oil reserves.
One of the sides to the negotiations is a Swiss-German company that has international acclaim and experience in building smart inflow control valve (ICV) equipment, he said.
“The Swiss-German company has expressed its readiness to begin its cooperation with the RIPI,” he added.
Keramati further referred to the RIPI’s oil talks with a Norwegian company, saying the company has a lot of experience in the field of horizontal and directional drilling.
According to Kermati, the Norwegian company in collaboration with another Norwegian firm has successfully managed to complete a project on the world’s most extended reach drilling (9 miles); he added that the RIPI has held negotiations with this company and invited it to participate in a project on designing and constructing horizontal drilling in thin, low-permeable layers.
“Soon, the RIPI will hold further talks with representatives of these two European companies,” he said.  

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