Iranian Foreign Ministry Condemns Beirut Terrorist Blasts

Iranian Foreign Ministry Condemns Beirut Terrorist Blasts


In the statement issued on Thursday, the Iranian foreign ministry said that terrorism will merely result in isolation of Israel and the extremist groups.
On Wednesday, the Iranian Embassy in Beirut issued a statement and condemned the Tuesday’s terrorist attacks.
"Iranian cultural attaché in Beirut Ebrahim Ansari, wife of a diplomat and four members of embassy’s security team named Hajj Rezwan Fares, Seyed Mohamad Hashem, Hajj Balal Zaraqat and Hajj Ahmad Zaraqat were killed and several embassy personnel and their family members were wounded in two consecutive terrorist blasts in front of the Iranian Embassy on Tuesday morning," parts of the embassy’s statement read.
Earlier reports had said that in addition to Ansari, six embassy security team members, including Hajj Rezwan, were killed in the incident.

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