Supreme Leader’s remarks reflect true Islamic spirit: Religious leader

Supreme Leader’s remarks reflect true Islamic spirit: Religious leader


The Supreme Leader in a meeting with a group of IRGC personnel said that the message of the Islamic Revolution is to avoid injustice and not to allow others to do injustice against the Muslim nation. 
Talking to IRNA, Secretary General of Majlis Wehdat Muslemeen (MWM) Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jaffery said that what Ayatollah Khamenei has said is based on Islamic teachings. 
“These remarks are highly important,” said Jaffery. 
He said that today injustice in the world is prevailing. “There is rule of tyrants and aggressors in the world,” said the MWM chief. 
He said that Syria is the recent example of western injustice. “Terrorists were given arms to spoil the peace of the Arab state,” he added. 
Jaffery expressing his views said that westren double standards are badly exposed in the situation of Syria. “They have failed to destabilize the Syrian government,” said the religious leader. 
He went on to say that system of lies and injustice is ruling the world. He strongly believed that there is a need for new social system to replace the oppressive western system. He said that Islam is the only system that can bring stability in the world. 
Lauding the brilliant IRGC performance, the Supreme Leader said the organization represents a vivid and experienced nation successful in defending the aspiration of the Islamic Revolution. 
Jaffery said that Islamic Revolution is the source of inspiration for the oppressed nations. “Islamic Revolution of Iran has become a role model for the world,” said the MWM leader. 
He said that the Islamic Revolution has inspired movements in the Muslim world. 
Giving his views on the remarks of the Supreme Leader that Iran is strongly opposed to nuclear weapons and this has nothing to do with the US or other states, Jaffery said that Iran is a peace loving nation and considers ‘haram’ the use of weapons of mass destruction. 
He said that world must be worried about the nuclear program of the Zionist Regime which poses a threat to the world peace. He further said that US has to realize that world cannot be ruled with nuclear weapons but with peace and harmony. 

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