Azeri official: Anti-Iran sanctions of no effects

Azeri official: Anti-Iran sanctions of no effects


Talking to IRNA on Monday, he referred to the recent presidential elections in Iran and said even the US media has admitted the inefficiency of anti-Iran sanctions. 
Pointing to the power and abilities of the Iranian nation, he stressed that despite decades-long foreign sanctions, the Iranians have managed to overcome all those problems. 
Referring to the swearing-in ceremony of the new Iranian president held on Sunday with participation of a number of international figures, he said the Iranian nation elected its president for his plans while in the US it is the big oil trusts who choose the president. 
Norouz Oglu said despite the fact the US media kept talking of special events and developments in Iran prior to the election, there were no events of the kind they wished for. 
He said the election of President Hassan Rohani has confused the Zionist regime. 
However, he described as hollow and meaningless the recent threats by the Zionist prime minister. 

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