Iran, Turkey keen to broaden industrial, technological cooperation

Iran, Turkey keen to broaden industrial, technological cooperation


According to IRNA, Bigdeli said in his meeting with the Turkish minister of science, industry and technology, Expansion of cooperation between Iran and Turkey in scientific and technological fields would lead to quantitative and infrastructural evolution in bilateral economic cooperation. 
Iran’s ambassador to Turkey added, The Islamic Republic of Iran in order to achieve its objectives in its Perspective Document, and Turkey in a bid to materialize its goals in this country’s 2023 Document, need to expand their ties in technological field faster than before.” 
He reiterated, In order to achieve their defined objectives in the economic field, Iran and Turkey need to be creative in and implement major projects, as the two countries are among the few Middle Eastern countries that can implement such projects as shared industrial zones. 
The Turkish minister of science, industry and technology, for his part, pointed to the two countries agreement on establishment of a joint industrial zone at Bazargan International Border, and said, “This project is one of the major cases of the Turkish-Iranian industrial cooperation. 
Minister Ergun added, “Implementing this project can lead to upgrading mutual industrial cooperation. 
He furthermore referred to the scientific and technological capabilities of Iran and Turkey, saying that the ground is also paved for expansion of bilateral cooperation in these fields and strengthening of ties. 
The two sides at the end pointed to the growth of economic cooperation between the two countries in the course of the past few years, the unused existing potentials, and the possibility of a quantitative development of the bilateral economic relations. 

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