Iran supports diplomatic approach to Syria crisis

Iran supports diplomatic approach to Syria crisis


Speaking exclusively to IRNA, Raouf-Sheibani stressed that the US has not been successful in preparing the ground for holding Geneva-2 conference on the Syrian crisis so far. 
On possible holding of the conference on September 2013, he underlined that creating consensus among the Syria opposition groups was considered as the main US commitment announced in their talks with Russian authorities. 
He added that Russian and American officials are trying to reach a consensus, during their bilateral talks, on the Geneva-2 meeting at the international arena. 
The Iranian diplomat reiterated that Tehran has always supported the political resolve of the Syrian crisis as the only solution to the problem. 
The armed conflicts in Syria do not benefit the Syrian and regional people, he said, adding any foreign interference in the ongoing crisis in Syria would sophisticate the situation in that country. 

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