Chavez will live in hearts of nations: Ahmadinejad

Chavez will live in hearts of nations: Ahmadinejad

Speaking to reporters here on Friday upon arrival in Caracas International Airport, he added that Chavez’s thoughts are alive in the hearts of nations and history will not forget this great justice-seeking man from Latin America.

“I feel missing a kind brother from Latin America which sacrificed himself for welfare of its people; I am sure that Latin American nations will continue to seek his ideals which stressed that nations should determine the world’s future and destiny.”

President Ahmadinejad visited Caracas to attend Chavez’s funeral ceremony. President Chavez died earlier this week after a two-year battle with cancer.

Iran and Venezuela have forged strong economic and political relations in the recent years.

Friday’s funeral for President Chavez was attended by several heads of state from Latin America and other parts of the world.


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