Egypt Court Confirms 21 Port Said Death Sentences, 5 Others Get Life

Egypt Court Confirms 21 Port Said Death Sentences, 5 Others Get Life


Among those receiving the relatively milder punishment is the city's security chief Esam Samak, AFP reported.

The court also acquitted 25 other defendants in the case, which triggered mass riots in Port Said.

Supporters of the defendants said they plan a mass civil disobedience action and a strike in protest against the court's decision.

RT's Bel Trew reports from Port Said that an angry crowed pelted her film crew's car with stones, forcing them to stop taking footage.

The verdict comes following six days of violent clashes between radical football fans and police. At least eight people have been killed over the week of rioting, including three officers. Police were withdrawn from the city, leaving the military to uphold order.

The condemned, who are now likely to be executed, were initially sentenced to death in January. Back then the ruling also resulted in rioting which killed 40 people, most of them in alleged attempt to storm a prison, where the defendants were held in custody.

The February 2012 rampage at Port Said's stadium followed a match between the local team Al-Masry and visitors from Cairo's Al-Ahly club. At least 79 people were killed and more than a 1,000 injured, when local spectators attacked the players from the capital and their fans.


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