Iranian Seminarians Condemn Recent Massacre of Pakistani Shiites

Iranian Seminarians Condemn Recent Massacre of Pakistani Shiites


Pakistani Shiites have come under increasing attacks in recent months. In a recent case, over 45 Shiites were killed in a terrorist attack on the Shiite Community in Karachi last Sunday.

The seminarians from Qom and other Iranian cities gathered in Qom's grand mosque today to show their protest and anger against the brutal killings of Shiite Muslims in neighboring Pakistan.

Prominent religious figures and personalities, including Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, also joined the protesters who chanted slogans against the brutal attacks on the Pakistani Shiite community.

Last week, Head of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi strongly condemned the bomb attack in Karachi, and urged all Pakistani security and intelligence bodies to show proper reaction to such inhumane acts.

"Pakistan's intelligence agencies should expedite their efforts for the arrest and execution of anti-Shiite terrorists in the country," Boroujerdi said.

He further called on Muslim scholars and thinkers to adopt stricter stances against the massacre of Shiites.

In a statement last week, the Iranian Foreign Ministry strongly deplored the terror attack on Shiite Pakistanis last week.

The ministry expressed sympathy with the relatives of the victims, and added that such terrorist moves serve the divisive policies of the enemies of Pakistan's Muslim nation and harm the country's interests.

The statement called on the Pakistani government and prominent religious figures in the country to take proper actions to prevent similar attacks in future.

The statement also asked the international community to play a serious role in an all-out fight against terrorism which is considered as a threat to all nations.

Police officials announced later on Sunday that at least 45 people have been killed by the bomb explosion in Karachi.

The blast in the mainly Shiite Muslim area of Abbas Town destroyed several buildings and set others on fire. Some reports spoke of a second explosion.

No group has yet said it planted the bomb, which went off near a mosque as worshippers left evening prayers.



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