IRGC to Test Home-Made Shoulder-Launched Anti-Chopper Weapon

IRGC to Test Home-Made Shoulder-Launched Anti-Chopper Weapon


The IRGC Ground Force started massive wargames, codenamed Payambar-e Azam 8 (The Great Prophet 8), which include exercising different defense tactics, in Southern Iran on Saturday.

Elaborating on the missions of the drills, Spokesman of the Wargames General Hamid Sarkheili told reporters that the new shoulder-launched anti-chopper weapons which have been designed and produced by the IRGC's local experts will be delivered to the operating units in the wargames.

"The 20-mm shoulder-launched missile is an anti-chopper weapon which can hit targets from a distance of 1,400 meters," Sarkheili stated.

The commander noted that the new missile launcher is unique and has no foreign rival.

The IRGC drills are aimed at maintaining and improving the combat preparedness of the IRGC Ground Forces, testing the latest combat systems of the IRGC Ground Force and exercising different asymmetric warfare tactics.


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