Iran reliable energy source for India

Iran reliable energy source for India

Iran reliable energy source for India


President Rouhani received Indian Foreign Minister Ms. Sushma Swaraj on Sunday evening in Tehran. Ms. Swaraj is visiting Tehran to discuss bilateral matters of interest. Rouhani pointed to both countries’ historical ties and long history of political and trade relations and said that ties would provide both countries with benefits; “Iran welcomes cooperation with India in all fields of interest and indeed there is enough opportunity and ground to attain a good level of relations,” Mr. Rouhani believed. “Exchanges of diplomats and high-profile officials will contribute to expansion of Tehran-Delhi ties; Iran’s economy would act as complementary to Indian economy; Indian’s fast-growing economy of services and technology products would enjoy Iran’s ample energy sources and you would rely safely on our oil and gas as a trusted source of energy.”
“Iran and India have experienced considerable progress in science and technology which would be the next priority for cooperation,” Rouhani added.

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