Iran regains Europe’s petchem market

Iran regains Europe’s petchem market

Iran regains Europe’s petchem market


Director of Production Control in Iran's National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Alimohammad Bosaghzadeh referred to new marketing carried out by Iranian petrochemical companies for regaining the market in the post-sanction era saying “the export volume of various petrochemical and polymer products will soar with implementation of new petchem projects and complexes in the current Iranian year (Began March 20).
The official deemed India, China as well as some other Asian countries as traditional markets for Iran’s petrochemical exports adding “nevertheless, diversifying the export markets remains as one major policy pursued during the post-sanction period.”
He stressed that the surplus of production is being exported reiterating “South America, Africa and Oceania mark three new markets for exports of Iran’s petrochemical products following the removal of international restrictions.”

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