Iran’s missile program ‘not violating JCPOA’

Iran’s missile program ‘not violating JCPOA’

Iran’s missile program ‘not violating JCPOA’


Ms. Federica Mogherini who is visiting Tehran attended a press conference on Saturday after a meeting with Zairf. She ensured that she and Mr. Zarif no longer would read several statements after JCPOA and Iran and the EU would focus on other issues of mutual interest; “today, we, 7 EU commissioners are in Tehran to address on issues with greater weight in bilateral cooperation; my message to the Islamic Republic of Iran is that diplomacy would triumph and it was worth a try and I hope that Iranian public would concretely see the impact of this diplomatic effort on their daily life,” she told the press.
“I am not a spokesperson only of the EU; rather, I speak on behalf of 500 million Europeans; the affairs with JCPOA have not yet finished and as a coordinator of the JCPOA implementation in the Joint Commission, I hope we will ensure interests of all parties to the deal,” Mogherini added. “Iran had been acting according to its commitments in the JCPOA; so had the EU. We have now advanced much passing by financial and economic sanctions and have engaged in an active dialogue with Iran.”

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