West allowed Turkey to become base for ISIL

West allowed Turkey to become base for ISIL

West allowed Turkey to become base for ISIL


"The reckless actions of President George W. Bush made the threat of terrorism all the more dangerous. It is because of his illegal invasion of Iraq that ISIL was born in the first place and because of his subsequent illegal occupation of Iraq that a new generation of sympathizers and recruits to extremist Islam was born, the effects, of which, are being felt throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Europe today,” Marcus Papadopoulos, the editor of Politics First magazine, said.
In reply to a question about the current status of Takfiri groups like Al-Qaida and ISIL and whether they have become weaker or stronger after the US invasion of Iraq, he said “there is very little doubt that extremism and terrorism have grown stronger since the US’ illegal invasion of Iraq. While Al-Qaeda may have grown weaker in recent years, ISIL has taken on the baton and now poses a threat to both the Muslim and non-Muslim world that Al-Qaeda could only have dreamt of posing. And just to reiterate: how was ISIL born? The answer is through the American-led invasion of Iraq.”

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