OIC should address Islamic unity as priority

OIC should address Islamic unity as priority

OIC should address Islamic unity as priority


President Rouhani departed for Istanbul on Wednesday evening when he addressed briefly the reporters at the airport. He will join Mr. Mohmmad Javad Zarif who has already been to the city to participate in ministerial meeting of the OIC during Istanbul Summit of Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
Rouhani highlighted terrorism and extremism, as important parts of his initiative WAVE in the UN which curried the favor of the General Assembly, as current pressing problems of Islamic world; “the Islamic Republic of Iran hopes that the Summit will open discussions to address issues of unity in the Islamic world and cooperation against terrorism; the Summit is important, since it brings together heads of states of Islamic countries,” he told reporters. “The Islamic world has been mired on terrorism and sectarianism along with violence and violation of integrity and borders of countries by other members of the Summit; addressing the rights of the Palestinians, improving Islamic unity, and other differences are among the important objectives of the Summit.”

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