Missile capabilities ‘Iran’s inalienable right’

Missile capabilities ‘Iran’s inalienable right’

Missile capabilities ‘Iran’s inalienable right’


The statement came after western media hype culminated in the possibility of new sanctions against Iran for the country’s recent test-firing of ballistic missiles during few military drills in southern waters.
It made telling references to Israeli officials making threats against Iran if the country refused to abandon its missile program. The statement also believed that with the Zionist regime being the sole nuclear power in the Middle East and with Persian Gulf Arab countries now in an arms race, Iran had a legitimate right to build up its defensive system including ballistic missiles.
The text of the statement communicated to Mehr News on Monay is as follows:
Pursuant to a campaign of disinformation that followed the recent missile test-launches by the Iranian military forces, the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations would like to provide the following clarifications:
1- Iran, as a country living in the most unstable and volatile region of the world, is fully entitled to build a credible conventional capability to deter and defend against any aggression. Iran’s recent ballistic missile test launches were part of ongoing efforts of its armed forces to strengthen its legitimate defense capabilities and to demonstrate the effectiveness and readiness of missile systems against security threats. It is demagoguery for those who are at the supplying and receiving ends of around $100bn of the state-of-the-art weaponry just to the lower Persian Gulf region in 2015 (while Iran’s entire defense budget was around ten times less in the same year) to hype this much Iran’s conventional missile-test launches. The disparity between Iran’s defense spending and that of other regional states is colossal, and has been acknowledged even by the US officials at the highest levels.

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