Iran, Syria to boost scientific ties

Iran, Syria to boost scientific ties

Iran, Syria to boost scientific ties


Mahmoud Nili Ahmadabadi, current Chancellor of the University of Tehran, held a session on Monday morning with the visiting chancellors of Syrian universities of Damascus, Al-Baath and Tishreen.
The participants introduced their respective universities and delved into the common grounds to further improve bilateral cooperation.
Ahmadabadi congratulated the Syrian nation and government on recent victories voicing readiness to develop cooperation with the three Syrian universities.
He pointed to capabilities of University of Tehran in water, energy and environment arenas; “we are ready to collaborate with the Syrian side in their areas of interest.”
The visiting chancellors, for their part, appreciate the support of the Iranian nation and government announcing their areas of interest for cooperation including increased acceptance of Syrian students at Tehran University, exchange of professors and students as well as launch of joint degree programs.
Both parties at the meeting also exchanged views on how to proceed with the project of constructing a Persian language training center in Syria.

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