Zanganeh hails Russian oil stance as ‘positive’

Zanganeh hails Russian oil stance as ‘positive’

Zanganeh hails Russian oil stance as ‘positive’


Bijan Namdar Zanganeh told reporters on Monday after his meeting with his Russian Energy Minisster Alexander Valentinovich Novak that talks had been focused on bringing stability to oil markets; “Iran and Russia have similar positions about the future of oil markets; Russians welcome Iran’s return to oil markets and their position provide us with much hope; we found the propaganda in the media distorting Russian position unfounded,” he told the press. “Russia seeks to play a more active role in improving the situation in oil markets; currently, Russia has displayed their most hope-inspiring positions within 18 past years.”
“To restore stability to oil markets would require one or two years; this would entail intervention of great producers of crude oil in the markets less than a year; oil production and supply provide us with effective tools to bring the stability much anticipated,” Namdar Zanganeh asserted.
Zanganeh welcomed what had been hailed as a first effective steps to attain stability, production freeze; “this is a positive step forward and we will support the role played by Russia or other non-OPEC oil producers,” he said.

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