Iran, Syria to confer in Tehran

Iran, Syria to confer in Tehran

Iran, Syria to confer in Tehran


The meeting between the deputy foreign ministers will convene simultaneous to the Syrian talks in Geneva, Amir-Abdollahian told IRNA.
'The future of Syria shall be determined only by its people,' he said, 'Iran supports a sovereign Syria and regards its disintegration a serious danger.'
Iran will continue its strong support to the Arab country in the fight against terrorism, and to the political settlement of the crisis as well as to upholding its solidarity and sovereignty, he stressed.
Saying that Syria is an important country in the resistance front, the deputy foreign minister added, 'Geneva talks can facilitate the political solution and it will never be a substitute to the Syrian nation's choice.'
He also warned that terrorist shall not be allowed to take advantage of the ceasefire as an opportunity to equip and organize themselves.

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