Russian energy minister to visit Iran soon

Russian energy minister to visit Iran soon

Russian energy minister to visit Iran soon


'During my meeting with Iranian officials will talk about the expansion of economic and trade cooperation and different areas of bilateral ties,' Novak told reporters on Friday. 
He underlined that the Iran-Russia Joint Economic Cooperation Commission will held in Tehran, but the exact date for holding it is not known as yet. 
Minister Novak, co-chair of the Russian-Iranian Intergovernmental Committee on trade and economic cooperation, said last year he met with the Iranian co-chair of the agency during his visit to Tehran.
'Today we outlined the directions for development of our cooperation and those projects which will be discussed soon to make sure they develop. I hope that in these two days we shall get a positive result and maybe tomorrow, summing everything up, we would be able to talk about… specific contracts,' Novak said.
According to the Russian minister, the sides discussed Iranian energy development issues.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said in September that Russia was highly satisfied with the progress in cooperation with Iran in various areas, including the fight against terrorism and projects in peaceful nuclear energy.

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