Official Parliament elections results across Iran

Official Parliament elections results across Iran

Official Parliament elections results across Iran


Khalkhal & Kowsar
Bashir Khaleghi leads in constituency as the first chance of winning 17 thousand votes for Parliament seat.
Hemayat Mirzadeh has taken the lead with 20 thousand votes in the Parliament, winning the majority of votes.
There exists a close race between Vali Maleki and Mahmoud Abbaszadeh with Maleki being in the front with 18830 votes.
Ardebil, Namin, Nir & Sarein
Reza Karimi leads the list with more than 16 thousand voted while 95 per cent of the total votes have been counted.
Pars Abad & Khalkhal
Kamran Ghasemzadeh remains the frontrunner candidate.
Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari
The latest figures in the province show that in provincial capital, Ardeshir Nourian has the lead, ahead of other candidates.
Mohammad Khaledi has won the elections with clear majority ahead of other rivals, securing the seat in the 10th Parliament.
Aliabad Katoul
Assadollah Qarakhani is the clear lead among the candidates.
Qarajeh Tayyar is a clear leader in a list of 10 with the highest chance to win the seat.
Some'e Sara
Seyed Kazem Delkhosh is by far in the lead in constituency with 29 thousand votes.
Eearly counting of votes reveals the leading candidate Akbar Ranjbarzaeh.
Hassan Bahramnia has von the majority so far as counting continues ahead.
Bahar and Kaboudarahang
Early counted votes reveals Mohammadali Pourmokhtar as early leader of the list in race for Parliament.
Mohammad Kazemi has won the largest share so far.
Mohammad Mahdi Mofateh remains atop the list with 35 thousand votes.
Shadmehr Kazemzadeh has won the largest share of the votes counted so far.
Seyed Sadeq Tabatabaeinejad has won the largest share of votes so far.
Morteza Saffari Natanzi received a majority vote taking the seat in the 10th Parliament.
Naein, Khor & Biabanak
Abbasali Tourbafrani secured his seat in the 10th Parliament with 11154 votes.
Zarand & Kouhbanan
Hossein Amiri Khanmakani has secured his seat in the 10th Parliament with topping the list of 6 candidates.
Kerman and Ravar
Mohammad Pourebrahimi maintains the lead in constituency.
Bam, Narmashir & Rigan
Habibollah Nikzadi is the frontier.
Ahmad Hamzeh is the winner up to the present moment.
Ahamd Naraki Mohammadi has bagged 21435 votes
Hossein Amiri takes the lead with 20592 votes.
Alireza Manzari Tavakoli is in the first place.
Asadi leads the elections race with 11 thousand votes.
Sirjan & Bardsir
Shahbaz Hassan Pour Iglazi, receiving 54970 votes, won the seat in the Parliament.
Eslamabad & Dalahou
Heshmatollah Falahatpishe, conservative candidate won the majority to reserve a seat in Parliament.
Qasr-e-Shirin, Sarpol-e-Zahab & Guilan-e-Gharb
Farhad Tajari was the majority-winner candidate and secured the seat as well.
Paveh & Ouramanat
Shahab Naderi also won the majority in the constituency.
Sahneh, Harsin & Kangavar
Hassan Soleimani was the majority winner with wide margin to claim the seat.
Sonqor & Koliyaei
Hojjatoleslam Seyed Javad Hosseinikia is the first chance to win the constituency.
Hamdollah Karimi receving 15919 votes, is on the top to take the seat in the Parliament.
Saghez & Baneh
Mohsen Bihlari takes the lead with 58678 votes.
Gharveh & Dehgalan
Ali Mohammad Moradi is on the top with 40191 votes.
Marivan & Sarvabad
Omid Karimian and Mansour Moradi will go to the second round.
Taafresh, Ashtian & Farahan
Mohammad Hosseini entered the 10th Parliament receiving 13042 votes.
Mohammad Ebrahim Rezaei takes the lead with 22664 votes.
Sahebali Ghaffari and Ali Ebrahimi will go to the second round with 15719 and 11853 votes, respectively.
Mahalat & Delijan
Alireza Salimi receving 11470 votes, is on the top to take the seat in the Parliament.
North Khorasan
Hadi Ghavami stands clear leader, taking his seat in the Parliament.
Abdolreza Azizi won the seat in the Parliament.
Bojnourd, Maneh, Samalghan & Jajarm
Both Ali Akbari and Ali Ghorbani took the seat in the Parliament.
Faruj & Ghuchan
Hadi Shushtari received the majority of votes and secured his seat in the Parliament.
Shahroud & Miami
Early counting shows that Seyed Hassan Hosseini stands clear leader so far.
Abolfazl Hassanbeigi rules the roost in early counting.
Semnan, Sorkheh & Mehdishahr
Ahmad Hemati leads the constituency having received 31545 votes, so far.
South Khorasan
Ferdows, Sarayan & Tabas
Mohammadreza Amirhassankhani has secured his seat in the Parliament with the majority of votes won.
Farhad Falahati has won the elections by securing the majority of votes.
Nehbandan & Sarbisheh
Nazar Afzali is the first chance to win the seat in the Parliament so far.
The current Principlist parliamentarian Seyed Hossein Naqavi Hosseini leads the list.
West Azerbaijan
Nader Qazipour has so far gained the majority vote and would probably continue enjoying his current seat in the Parliament.

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