Iran inks $10bn mining deal with Japan

Iran inks $10bn mining deal with Japan

Iran inks $10bn mining deal with Japan


Mehdi Karbasian said “in view of the plan to become the first economic power in the region by reaching the growth rate of 8 per cent, investment in the mining and mineral industry is undeniable.”
“Fortunately, due to possession of proper supply of iron ore, coal and gas, the country could be among the top ten countries of the world in economic terms,” added the official stressing the need to processing minerals and creation of value added.
Karbasian pointed to foreign investment as a necessity for expansion of the mining sector maintaining “all contracts with foreign companies include technology transfer as well as indigenization in line with economic independence.”
“In all agreements, two approaches of direct investment and financing are at stake while we take all measures to take the most out of Iranian firms and human forces in accordance with national and economic interests,” continued the official.

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