‘Ode’ in tour of US

‘Ode’ in tour of US

‘Ode’ in tour of US


Mohammad Motamedi will give concerts in some US metropolitan cities his ‘Ode’ (‘qasideh’ in Persian). The mixture of Iranian music and Spanish flamenco makes the best use of both musical forms and their capabilities. Along with Motamedi, who is composer of Iranian part of the ‘Ode,’ Sina Jahanabadi and Habib Meftah also will participate as Iranian instrument players.
The concerts will be reportedly hosted by New York’s Carnegie Hall, Cleveland’s Museum of Art in Ohio, Lisner Auditorium in in Washington DC, and Berkley’s Art House Gallery and Cultural Center.
The ‘Ode’ has been performed in Jeres Flamenco Festival (southern Spain), Seville Flamenco Festival, Morgenland Festival (Osnabrück, Germany), Amsterdam Flamenco Festival in Raza Theatre (Utrecht, the Netherlands), Madrid Flamenco Festival, Rome Flamenco Festival, Amsterdam’s Great Music Hall and Austrian Krems Festival.

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