Rafsanjani predicts ‘highly competitive elections’

Rafsanjani predicts ‘highly competitive elections’

Rafsanjani predicts ‘highly competitive elections’


Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani who was addressing a group of Islamic Labor Party and Youth Council of the party on Saturday, said that the general public had taken decision on coming to ballot boxes, which he believed, would register even higher turnout with the Guardian Council approving a group of disqualified candidates and creating a competitive atmosphere. “If it is the case for the Council, then we will have a highly competitive election,” told Mr. Hashemi to the meeting.
“If a given percent of candidates who were disqualified initially, are given opportunity out of moderation and seeking to redeem their rights, people will come to vote with enthusiasm and will vote for their favorite candidates, and will wait to see the name of their candidates comes out of the boxes,” Hashemi Rafsanjani emphasized. “Today, with universality of literacy and a high percent of the Iranian young cohort having university degree, no political oppression and despotism could ever be tolerated; we are as well interested in this young population to come to the fore and accept the responsibilities in running their country,” he asserted.

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