Iran, Russia to ease visa issuance

Iran, Russia to ease visa issuance

Iran, Russia to ease visa issuance


The agreement asserts that specific class of citizens of both countries will receive privileges which will ease visa issuance for them. The Media and Public Diplomacy of Iran’s embassy in Moscow report said that the agreement had been signed during Vladimir Putin’s visit to Tehran earlier in 2015 with President Rouhani.
The agreement cites tradesmen, students, and participants in cultural and scientific events will be the beneficiaries of the agreement. Nikolay Levichev, Vice-Speaker of the Russian State Duma, has proposed that visa requirement be removed for visitors of Russia and Iran. Russian foreign minister issued a statement on Monday, announcing that the agreement to ease visa issuance would take effect on February 6. “The agreement between both countries signed November 23, 2015 will go into effect February 6.”

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