Qazvin province, Italy sign coop. agreement

Qazvin province, Italy sign coop. agreement

Qazvin province, Italy sign coop. agreement


Mauro Conciatori, the ambassador and Italian Commercial Attaché in Tehran Adolfo Urso sit in a session on Tuesday with Qazvin province economic activists and officials to discuss bilateral trade. Conciatory told the meeting that President Hassan Rouhani’s upcoming visit to Rome would help improve bilateral relations; “we are pleased to cooperate with Iran after implementation of the JCPOA; the preliminary conditions have been worked out for a visit by President Rouhani and a delegation of high-ranking officials will also accompany him in the visit,” he added. “We will work to provide a warm hosting for Iranian president and his entourage.”
“The meeting will also be indicative of Iran’s strong resolve to boost relations with Italy. We have a general assessment of Iran’s capacities and during visits to different provinces especially Qazvin, we found huge capabilities and grounds for investments which we welcome to participate at,” said the ambassador. “Italian city of Perugia, which is historically and culturally similar to Qazvin will probably be a good candidate of a sister city for Qazvin, which city’s mayor is working on the feasibility studies,” he said.

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