Takhti Cup to host 15 foreign teams

Takhti Cup to host 15 foreign teams

Takhti Cup to host 15 foreign teams


The International Senior Free style, Greco-Roman and Pahlavani wrestling Tournament (Takhti Cup) will be held on January 14-15, 2016 at the 12,000-seat hall of the Azadi Sports Complex.
Takhti Cup will be organized under the United World Wrestling Regulations on 4 approved mats in seven eight categories and will mark the first qualifying event for the 2016 Rio Olympics.
Countries to attend the Free style, Greco-Roman categories include Armenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Mongolia,Tajikistan, Morocco, Algeria and Turkmenistan
Meanwhile, Estonia, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia and the Netherlands will take part in Pahlavani competitions.
Russians have also announced eagerness to participate in all categories of the international event.
The final list of participating teams at Tehran’s Takhti Cup will be released in the coming days.

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