Economy min. meets Indian businessmen

Economy min. meets Indian businessmen

Economy min. meets Indian businessmen


Leading a top-ranked Iranian delegation, Ali Tayebnia has travelled to New Delhi at the official invitation of the Indian government in order to attend Iran-India Joint Economic Commission.
He has so far met and talked with the governmental and private sector investors of India in separate meetings.
Tayebnia took part in the large gathering of Indian investors and merchants on Sunday evening.
At the joint invitation of India’s Chamber of Commerce and the India-Iran Friendship Association, the Iranian economy minister participated at the meeting of high numbers of Indian traders, businessmen, industrialists as well as Iranians living in India on Sunday evening discussing venues for bilateral cooperation especially investment opportunities in Iran.
Ali Tayebnia is also scheduled to hold momentous meetings with his Indian counterpart as well as foreign minister and prime minister of the South Asian country.

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