Oman, Iran tied for security in region

Oman, Iran tied for security in region

Oman, Iran tied for security in region


Iran and Oman as two Muslim neighboring countries share a lot of commonalities which lay the ground for multi-dimensional expansion of ties, said Ali Fadavi, Commander of the IRGC (the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) Navy, in his meeting with the military delegation of Oman.
Saying that the two countries have been exchanging military delegations for years, the Iranian commander cherished the latest joint drill and the full interaction between the two sides.
The Strait of Hormuz is one the most strategic geopolitical conduits in the world which is placed between Iran and Oman and this fact necessitates closeness of the two sides and it would be displayed at any possible occasion, highlighted Fadavi referring to the choke point waterway that connects the Persian Gulf to the rest of the world.
The commander stressed that the strategic strengths of Iran and Oman empowers them to enact any decision that secures the interests of the two countries about the Strait of Hormuz.

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