Iran, Russia to escalate banking ties

Iran, Russia to escalate banking ties

Iran, Russia to escalate banking ties


In a meeting with a visiting Russian delegation, Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Valiollah Seif pointed out the high trade capacity between the two countries deeming lack of adequate banking relations as hindrance to expansion of ties; “the previously unlikely proposals for establishment of joint accounts and creation of financial relations with Russia now seem to be more feasible,” he noted.
Seif emphasized the importance of launching banking ties leading to expansion of trade volumes between the two sides; “CBI fully supports plans to extend business turnover between Iran and Russia,” he added.
The official further considered the boosting of relations between commercial banks as the next step in the development of business relations urging the formation of a panel consisting of the two countries’ commercial banks to hold meeting investigating venues for expansion of banking relations by removing existing barriers.

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