MPs condemn killing of Nigerian Shias

MPs condemn killing of Nigerian Shias

MPs condemn killing of Nigerian Shias


A total of 214 Iranian MPs released a statement on Tuesday morning condemning the recent events in Nigeria and the killing of Shia Muslims in the African country urging the Iranian government and foreign ministry to pursue the issue at the international level.
The full text of the statement reads as follows:
The brutal massacre of the oppressed Shia communities in Nigeria has injured the feelings of hundreds of millions of Muslims all around the world. No doubt, such crimes are the continuation of atrocities against Muslims by Takfirists and Salafist terrorists who have recently committed similar crimes with the support of the US and the Zionist regime.
Setting fire to the residence of a respected cleric while at home with his family and then opening fire on them followed by the killing of a number of his family members and leaving hundreds of others dead as well as obscuring the fate of leader of Nigerian Shias Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky are all indications of mismanagement of affairs on the part of the Nigerian government.

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