Europe should ‘expiate’ lack of will in part of US

Europe should ‘expiate’ lack of will in part of US

Europe should ‘expiate’ lack of will in part of US


Ayatollah Khamenei received Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday evening. Mr. Tsipras is visiting Tehran and heads a delegation of his country to Iran.
Leader believed that Iran and Greece, as heirs to ‘resplendent civilizations of ancient Persia and Hellenic Greece,’ would celebrate this visit as a fresh start for improvements in bilateral trade and long-term cooperation; “the EU now is a ground for conflicting interests; this is because the EU as an independent polity, lacks the vigor in its policies vis-à-vis the US and the criticisms still hold true that Europeans systematically lack an independent line of policy,” the Leader said. “With Syria, terrorism is a highly contagious disease which if abandoned untreated, will contaminate all; however, a strong collective will could efficiently fight and destroy terrorist strongholds, while some countries in the region directly support terrorists.”

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