‘Afghanistan’s stability equals Iran’s security’

‘Afghanistan’s stability equals Iran’s security’

‘Afghanistan’s stability equals Iran’s security’


Speaking at the joint meeting of Iranian-Afghan high-ranking delegations, Iranian First Vice-President Es'hagh Jahangiri said the Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan enjoy numerous commonalities in terms of language, religion, culture and history; “Iran has always backed the people and government of Afghanistan and the two sides have had unique and intimate bilateral relations through history.”
Jahangiri pointed out the important role of Afghanistan in Iran’s foreign policy adding “despite the current regional problems, the significance of Afghanistan’s position has never diminished to the eye’s of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”
Iran’s first VP deemed the formation of the government of national unity (NUG) in Afghanistan as a sign of the political maturity of the neighboring country’s elite and politicians; “we are hopeful about the continuance of the unity and integrity and feel optimistic about the future of the current government.”
“The two countries’ senior officials are determined to strengthen, improve and expand bilateral ties in political, economic and cultural areas,” noted the official emphasizing that Iran, in line with its principled policy, will continue to support the Afghan government and national unity.

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